Meet Anna Biad, venue owner

Anna Biad, along with her husband Chris purchased what is now the Blue Door Venue in 2018.  They didn't start this journey with the intent of launching a venue. Anna and Chris bought the property for future expansion of Acton Academy Mesilla Valley, a non-profit K-9th-grade school located near the venue.  They started an Acton school in 2016 for their five children and other local families who desired a fresh approach to education.  The venue concept was born out of a desire to help fund scholarships and expansion of the school while creating a unique experience for guests. During the week, you can often hear children laughing and learning.  A significant portion of venue earnings helps fund the school, which greatly benefits local children and families.  

Anna is a natural when it comes to design and renovations.  She embarked on a one-year-long journey to transform the property into the stunning Spanish style structure it is today.  Anna brought in many design styles that include authentic Italian tile, handcrafted wood features, quaint lighting, and a Cantera stone water feature from Mexico.  The result is a masterfully designed property that has a huge WOW factor.  

This historic and iconic Blue Door featured in the above photo was something Anna vowed to save.  For years, people have taken pictures in front of these blue doors.  Blue Door Venue has quickly become a hot spot for events and upscale weddings.    Chris and Anna Biad welcome you to the property and can't wait to help you celebrate your special occasion.  Attention to detail, unequaled service, and an abundance of beauty make Blue Door Venue an ideal spot for your wedding or event.  

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